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Brazil – Swiss bilateral Call 2021 for R&D proposals
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Open until 31 July 2021

The call for joint innovation projects is aimed at companies of any size and research institutions in Switzerland and Brazil (consortia) looking to carry out a joint science-based innovation project.

Purpose of the Call

Brazil and Switzerland are announcing a bilateral Call for joint R&D project outlines, focusing on developing ready to market solutions for products, technology based services or methods, which have a significant market potential for Brazil and Switzerland. The Call is open for all scientific disciplines; however projects for products or services in following topics are particularly appreciated:

  • Biotech and medtech
  • Agriculture and food production
  • Industry 4.0
  • Advanced materials
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Clean energy & water
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Innovation and creativity (social, technical, cultural) und digitalization
  • Mobility

The aim is to strengthen the activity of the business and research community of both countries. EMBRAPII and Innosuisse have opted for a two-stage evaluation process, to align the common targets and cooperation within the project consortia and allow for a greater numbers of funded projects.


All proposals must meet following eligibility criteria to be qualified for evaluation

  • The project consortia must include at least one business from each country, one research institute accredited by EMBRAPII as “EMBRAPII unit” and one research institute from Switzerland.
  • The participation of further research organizations and further commercial companies from both countries according to each country’s funding regulations is welcome.
  • The eligibility for funding of research organizations and commercial companies must comply with the regulations of their respective country.
  • The project partners shall name one designated main project contact. EMBRAPII Units and Swiss research institutes will be automatically considered as national contacts.
  • The project should demonstrate a relevant innovation content, added-value and benefit from the bilateral cooperation in both countries. The project must be equally significant to all participants. One country cannot represent more than 70% of the overall project budget.
  • With the proposal, the consortium is encouraged to present a draft agreement on the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) together with the proposal, in order to reduce the negotiation time after the proposal approval and project start.
  • Both agencies will only consider project costs, which arise in their country eligible for funding. Cross-border funding is not foreseen.

Only proposals meeting all eligibility criteria will be considered for evaluation. There will be no opportunity to correct errors in the proposals after the application deadline.

Please note that the inclusion of an ineligible partner in a proposal will result in the non-consideration of the entire proposal. For the definition of eligible partners, see the national regulations and contact your national contact person.

Main evaluation criteria for Swiss participants

Project goals

The project partners should demonstrate:

  • Complementary technological excellence, qualifications and added-value of international cooperation
  • Strong base of partnership and aim for continuing collaboration even beyond the project duration
  • Management ability to successfully carry out the project and implement the results
  • Mutual advancement of R&D through the transfer of knowledge and expertise.

Research where downstream application is for national defence or security purposes, as well as research which poses a threat to public health and misuse of personal data will not be supported.

Innovation Content

The innovation aspect of a project must go beyond the international state of the art. The innovation project should be science-based, targeting to achieve advances in technology or service aspects. The main objectives in terms of performance of the product, process or service and cost issues (with regard to competitive ability) shall be presented in a comprehensive way.


The project is targeting to establish a new, or to integrate into an existing value chain. A market and implementation idea must exist for the planned product, process or service.

Main evaluation criteria for Brazilian participants

  • The company negotiates the project directly with the EMBRAPII Unit
  • Approval and direct hiring between the company and EMBRAPII Unit
  • The resources are available in the EMBRAPII Units
  • Continuous flow: at any moment, your company can carry out projects, without waiting for a bid

Submission procedures

For Pre-proposals until April 30 2021

  • Brasilian participants have to submit a formal EMBRAPII application to the EMBRAPII contact person listed given below or to inter.swiss@embrapii.org.br
  • Swiss participants have to submit a simplified Innosuisse application, as well as a joint call document both documents can be found on the Innosuisse website. Please add to the title “JOINT CALL BR-CH 2021…” and send to: innosuisse@innoprojects.ch

    For Full-proposals until August 2 2021

    • Brasilian participants have to submit a formal EMBRAPII application to the EMBRAPII contact person listed given below or to inter.swiss@embrapii.org.br
    • Swiss participants have to submit the Innosuisse application as described on the Innosuisse webpage. Important: Please add to the project title “JOINT CALL BR-CH 2021…” and attach the updated document “Joint Call Document”.

    Please refer to the 2021 Joint Call guidelines for more specific information.